3 Options For Wedding Reception Music: Wedding Bands And More

If you’re planning your wedding, you know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to music. From soloists and pianists during the ceremonies, to wedding bands for the reception, couples have plenty of options. If you’re not sure what to choose, here are some of your choices.

Find The Best Wedding Bands

The best wedding bands can perform nearly any type of music. Whether you’re looking for a band to play classical music during a sophisticated cocktail hour or a group of rousing musicians to get your guests up and dancing, the best wedding bands can handle the task. Before hiring one, however, ask for a list of references, a recording and also a set list. The best wedding bands will have an extensive set list, but it’s important to ask the band if they’ll be able to play any special songs, such as a first dance song. If they don’t know it, chances are good that they’ll be able to find the music and learn it before your event.

Many bands also provide corporate entertainment, which means it will be important to book them well in advance; however, this means that you may be able to catch a live performance at another corporate entertainment event. Hiring a live band is typically the most expensive music option, but many couples find that the expense is worth it because the band is able to read whether the guests are enjoying the music and change the tone if necessary.

Use A DJ

Another option is to use a DJ. Many DJs have an extensive list of songs, whether on CD or on an MP3 player. They’ll bring all the equipment necessary, as well as be able to read the crowd and adapt the playlist to fit your event’s tone. However, if you’re looking for a truly personal reception, it can be hard to get this with a DJ since you’ll be limited to popular radio versions of songs. If you do decide to hire a DJ, make sure he or she is given a strict ‘do not play’ list so that you’re not listening to music you hate all night long.

Use Your Own MP3 Player

One last option is to use your own MP3 player and a sound system. Although many couples think that this is a great way to cut costs, it’s actually a terrible idea! While many couples feel like this option gives them complete control over their playlist and their reception, leaving the music unmanned means that there’s no one to read the crowd. What if your dance floor is packed with guests having a great time dancing to a fast song and suddenly the MP3 player switches over to a slow, romantic one? Chances are good that the dance floor will empty fast! Also, what happens when an unruly guest finds the MP3 player and takes over? You’ll also need to consider who’s going to announce you as you enter the room for the first time as husband and wife. Once you’ve considered all these factors, many couples find that using their own MP3 player isn’t such a great idea.

Whether you’re looking for the best wedding bands, a DJ or are considering using your own MP3 player to provide musical entertainment for your reception, make sure you consider all the benefits of each option. After all, you only get married once, so you want to make sure that your reception is a memorable one!

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