Beyond a Basic Wedding Band – More Options For Wedding Jewelery Than Ever Before

The options for wedding jewelery extend far beyond just the traditional wedding band. Engagement rings are most often the first purchase in a line of diamond jewelery for married couples. Although you may have already gifted diamond earrings or even a diamond pendant to your significant other, rings obviously hold the most significance. When it comes to options for these special pieces, the possibilities are literally endless. You now have a myriad of choices that range far beyond the traditional solar round shaped diamond for your engagement or a plain band for your wedding. Some of these alternatives include a diamond mangalsutra as well as mens titanium bands.

An engagement ring is oftentimes one of the most significant pieces of diamond jewelery that a man buys for a woman. This typically means obtaining acquainted with the 4 C's. These include cut, color, carat, and clarity and refer to various factors on which a diamond is rated. Rings that are used for a proposal most often have a single diamond in a high setting. Although this is most common, there have been an increasing amount of requests for unique diamond engagement rings. These pieces sometimes have many stones or colored diamonds, like pink or yellow. Another trend that is gaining momentum is men's engagement rings. These look more like a traditional wedding band, and although still quite rare, men are starting to embrace this practice.

An engagement ring and a wedding band often come in sets. It definitely simplifies the process, but as bands are typically worn by both the bride and the groom, many choose to pick them out together. These rings are usually made up of a simple, continuous design in order to signify the unbroken unity of marriage. Because of the symbolism they carry, more and more couples are choosing to go with a very strong metal to reflect a resilient bond.

One such material that people are gravitating toward is titanium. Particularly popular for a groom's wedding band, mens titanium bands are a unique statement that tend to be worn more often as they retain a masculine look. Another interesting choice for wedding jewelery is a diamond mangalsutra. Traditionally used as an Indian symbol for a Hindu marriage, these striking necklaces are still used today for ceremonies and can also be given for an anniversary or special occasion. Although not conventional, both mens titanium bands as well as a diamond mangalsutra are still beautiful choices. With all of the options for wedding jewelery, you will surely find the perfect piece for the occasion.

Source by Bhavesh D. Patel

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