Celtic Wedding Bands Are Meaningful Reminders of Irish Ancestral History

Celtic wedding bands are truly exquisite works of art, with designs that are not only mystical but are very inspiring and uplifting. Probably no other design represents this like Le Cheile ladies wedding bands, as it the perfect wedding band to signify the love of a man and a woman as the word means together.

This Celtic wedding ring is not only beautifully designed but it has meaningful and signature togetherness forever. They are available in many precious metals and are loved and accredited all over the World for their unique representation of a nation.

They are very desirable because of the intricately designs of the intertwining love knot, which are exclusively Irish in design. These wonderfully designed exquisite pieces are known as the Trinity Love Knots rings with their distinctive feature of the trinity knot. These Trinity Knot rings are said to represent the spiritual interconnection of the three entities known as the father, the son and the holy spirit.

Many of the Celtic wedding bands today were designed and hand-made in Dublin by the most renown craftsmen of the time and many of them carry the hallmark of the Irish. The Irish are known to be lovers of a good celebration and weddings are high on their list of most loved events for celebrations. There are many tradition of the past that are still practice today as meaningful reminders of their ancestral history, although many of these traditions are the result of superstitions and folklore.

However, there is one story that is not so traditional and never mentioned and that is the true story of the origins of this ring. The first Claddagh ring was made by a man named Richard Joyce from a town in Ireland called Galway, where he left to work in the West Indies. However, he was captured as a slave and sold to a goldsmith, where he mastered the trade of creating jewelry and this was because of the teachings of his master.

He ever became a well-known craftsman because of his remarkable achievements in new ideas for designing and creating jewelry. He was so impressive that his master offered him his own daughter hand in marriage, which he refused as he had left his sweetheart back home. After the king of England ordered that all British prisoners were to be released, he went back home and searched for his one true love.

She had remained faithful to him for the 14-year that he was away, being jubilant to find her he possessed her a gift he made while he was away, which was the Claddagh ring. Celtic wedding bands entails passion and friendship and long-lasting love, which predominates everything.

Basically the Celtic wedding bands exemplifies three major aspects of the marriage, which are friendship, participation and the marriage itself. Celtic wedding rings represent the symbol of the typical Irish wedding and the vows of the wedding are written to reflect the romantic atmosphere in the form of beautifully written poems.

Source by Michael Bourne

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