Diamonds or Plain Wedding Band: Which One Is a Better Choice?

Weddings are a special occasion. You need to have every minute detail in place to ensure that the occasion is indeed an affair to remember. However, the most important aspect of this occasion is the wedding band. After all, it is the little ring that binds the two souls in a beautiful promise of life-long commitment reaffirming their belief in the institution of marriage. But, choosing a wedding band can be quite difficult considering the wide variety of options available in the market. One of the most common dilemmas lies in making a choice between diamond ring and the plain wedding band. Diamonds are said to be a lady's best friends. However, the favoritism does not guarantee that a diamond wedding band will also be appreciated.

Whilst, both diamonds and plain wedding bands are equally wonderful, the couple has to make a choice. Here are a few points to guide you towards taking a good decision.

Beauty is all about simplicity

In the present day situation, beauty is all about being simple. Keeping in mind this trend, you might want to consider plain bands. There are usually two options in the plain bands category-Gold and platinum. Each of these variants is equally classy for people wanting a simple option.

It's more durable

There is no doubt about the awe inspiring beauty of lovely diamond studded wedding ring. But, engraving of stones into the ring makes it difficult for regular wear. Imagine a situation wherein you end up losing your precious diamond ring doing your day to day chores. It was a nightmare, would not it? On the other hand, the plain bands are more durable and can be uncomfortably worn during your routine activities as well.

A mix of two

If you are unable to decide between plain bands and diamonds, the easiest way out is to choose a combination of both. Yes! This is a popular option being chosen by the soon to be married couples. You can opt for a simple band with a little sparkle and add a dose of glamor to your special day.

Choosing between two different options is always tough especially if each variety is equally good. However, you must always remember to choose an option that you are comfortable with. For example, if you like a little bit sparkle, diamond rings are better suited to your requirements. All that we are saying is that do not fall prey to peer pressure and end up spending hard earned money on a wrong choice.

Source by Urvi Tandon

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