Men’s Choice of Diamond Wedding Bands

Diamonds are indeed a girls best friend. It is mostly admired by women because of it’s brilliance and quality. Nowadays, men have considered diamonds as their own choice of ring selections such as for wedding rings or anytime rings. A jewelry made of diamonds is enjoyed by people who wears jewelries for social status. Diamonds are expensive, only those who can afford can purchase it.

When it comes to wedding rings, it is considered as brides first choice of stones. Now, men or grooms are choosing diamonds as stone rings for their wedding bands. They don’t just consider it by the material and designs of the ring, but also the quality a diamond has. It may not be considered as mens choice of stones unlike with womens engagement and wedding rings, still it has to be taken care of. Diamond awareness is important to ensure that what you are purchasing is true diamonds. It is classified by 4 C’s which are cut, color, clarity and carat. Prices depends on this 4 C’s. Diamonds are cut in various shapes and sizes. The most popular cuts are the tear drop shapes , round shapes , square shapes , pear shapes, heart shapes and princess cut which is so common to women’s wedding rings.

They are cut into desired pieces by a diamond cutter or saw then the jeweler cuts the facets and polishes it to look brilliant. Facets is the one who makes diamond look brilliant. The more facets a diamond has, the more brilliant and valuable it becomes. More facets, more brilliance, the greater the value. The shapes and cuts affects the beauty and shine of a diamond. A colorless diamond is a true diamond.

A price of diamonds is usually the main factor we consider before we purchase a diamond ring. It can be purchased whether by buying the stone and ring separately or a stone that is already in a setting. Options like changing the rings settings and diamond cuts and shapes can be possibly done by jewelers. A diamond wedding band can be personalized by carving or engraving your personal message like the phrase “I love you”, memorable date, designs like knot for Celtic rings and many more.

Since wedding bands are men’s choice for wedding rings, a diamond stone can blend and matches well with any type of metal bands such as yellow and white gold, platinum, titanium, silver and palladium. Make sure that you choose metal bands with good quality to hold the stones. Wedding bands has a new look today. It is not just a simple band, but modern men choose to wear wedding bands with sprinkled of diamond around it to match their brides diamond wedding ring. Choosing the right metal band is important. Platinum is the hardest metal on earth, mostly chosen by men who works with hard labor to ensure that it will stay for a lifetime. Titanium is a strong and light metal. Sensitive to human skin and not as expensive as platinum. Yellow and white gold is a traditional band for wedding rings and considered as timeless. White gold is perfect for modern men.

Diamond wedding rings promised to bind couples in a lifetime commitment. To cherish and to hold each others love and fidelity.

Source by Mike Middleton

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