Men’s Titanium Wedding Bands

Other than silver, gold and platinum, another most important metal that is especially popular for men’s wedding bands is the titanium, a charcoal-gray hued metal. Titanium wedding bands are durable and light since titanium is an extremely lightweight metal. However, it is as strong as steel and widely popular on aircraft. Also, this metal is the hardest natural element in the world and so is very strong, durable, does not tarnish and is hypoallergenic. The metal has a lovely sheen that can be a good alternative to white gold, silver and platinum. Titanium has three times the strength of steel and much stronger than gold, silver and platinum.

Other characteristics of titanium are that it is more dent, bend and scratch resistant compared to gold, silver and platinum. It also offers an exotic array of colors that other metals do not. However, titanium does have one negative characteristic, which is that it cannot be resized, since this metal cannot be soldered. However, they can easily be cut off the finger in case of emergency as in the case of platinum rings, even though it is a tougher process as compared to platinum rings. It should be noted that in case of an aircraft grade titanium ring, it is not possible to cut the ring off the finger under any circumstances.

Titanium is usually considered for men because of its lightweight, durability and resistance to corrosion. Though this metal has been recently introduced in the jewelry market, its popularity seems to be increasing steadily. Sometimes, titanium can also be alloyed with other metals for greater strength. However, it is suggested to choose wedding bands with the purest grade of titanium that can be found. Blue Nile wedding bands provide 100% pure titanium wedding bands. A pure titanium wedding band can be cut off the finger in case of emergency. Also, pure titanium wedding rigs can be polished in case of scratches to make it look new again.

This metal is incredibly lightweight and comfortable, about 1/3 the weight of gold. Also, a choice of precious or semi-precious stones can be set into titanium rings for those who prefer these to plain wedding bands. The bands can also be made with comfort fit for daily wear as in case of wedding bands.

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