Things to Consider When Buying a Men’s Wedding Band

Why do men sometimes find it challenging to choose a wedding ring? It’s easy if your fiancée has her heart set on a particular style or pattern. Then all you have to do is either agree or disagree.

You should make your ring selection while considering the following 4 steps:

• Lifestyle -whether it’s sporty or artistic

• Character -fits your personality

• Comfort -the right width and shape for you

• Design -visually pleasing to both you and your fiancée

Notice that the aspect of design is last on the above list. You’ll want to follow these steps in order to choose a suitable ring.


Lifestyle considerations mainly impact your ring choice in terms of wear and tear. For example, gold is a soft metal and won’t stand up well to a job or hobby involving manual labor. You could always take your ring off for such activities, so the essential question here is: how durable do you want your ring to be?

There are some jobs where your ring might get caught in machinery or, in some cases, you are not permitted to wear it for safety reasons. In extreme situations, the ring might need to be cut off in a hurry. This might make your ring choice easier, unless your avocations will be hard on the ring. Tungsten is an extremely scratch resistant metal.

If you decide not to wear your ring on the job, you might consider a more unique style. However, if wearing your ring every day is a must, consider displaying it on a handsome neck chain. If you decide on this option, simpler styles work best.


Some men are born to stand out but others hate a lot of attention. If you are the latter type, you will want a classic style, such as a plain, 6mm gold band. Keep in mind that a wider or unconventionally shaped ring will stand out more.

Are you an expressive, sociable person who likes to make a statement in all of his life choices? If so, then you’ll want a unique ring. This doesn’t mean that your ring has to be flashy or tacky. A puzzle ring is unusual, yet tasteful. Perhaps combining two shades of gold or using an unusual metal like titanium is the way to go. Maybe a fusion ring that uses lasers to create bold patterns will suit your style.

Suppose you are somewhere in between-not a mouse, but not a lion either? You may want your ring to be somewhat unique, but still have some subtlety. A different finish or texture may be the correct choice.

Your ethnicity may be the key to a ring choice. Italian men sometimes like a diamond in their wedding ring. Irish claddagh and Celtic styles are also very popular.


Unlike women, who tend to wear rings as fashion accessories, men often have concerns that having a ring on their finger will feel odd or uncomfortable. The two keys to wedding ring comfort are width and shape.

Narrow rings with round edges and rounded inside shapes are the most comfortable. Comfort levels decline as the inside shape becomes flatter and the ring becomes wider. The most uncomfortable rings are very wide ones (more than 7mm) with sharp edges and a flat inside shape.


The sky is the limit with selecting the perfect design for you. There are unlimited choices when it comes to style and metal type. However, there’s so much riding on your choice, given the symbolism and longevity of this particular piece of jewelry. Hopefully, this article has provided you with some insight for you to make the right decision.

Source by Joseph Habbit

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