What’s So Great About Men’s Tungsten Wedding Bands

There’s a huge following recently on tungsten jewelry. Among the types of tungsten products, the tungsten wedding rings are the fast rising stars of today’s jewelry market. Tungsten wedding rings are an excellent choice for the modern men. These rings are very durable and pretty much able to keep the polished shine longer than any other types of rings. In addition, tungsten wedding bands are both fashionable and practical for men.

The common gold, titanium rings & even platinum rings are usually susceptible to wear & tear. On the contrary, Tungsten rings are more durable because of the high density physical properties. They are also known to be one of the most durable and toughest metal, secondary to only diamonds.

Tungsten rings are also kind to the skin as they will not cause any skin irritation. All these make tungsten wedding rings suitable for men as they are usually less gentle on the rings. You will not see the wear and tear on tungsten carbide rings as you see with other metals. The polished shine will remain the same as the day you bought the ring.

The typical tungsten ring is made by bonding tungsten and carbon together. The tungsten metal, carbon and various components are then grounded into powder form. Thereafter, they are compressed into various forms and shapes, such as rings. After which, they are burnt at very high temperatures and then shaped. Surprisingly, the rings are polished by diamond fitted tools and machines. That gives the ring a scratch resistant polished look and shine.

Below are the common advantage of tungsten wedding rings:

– Invulnerable to scratches

– They are highly durable and tough

– Extremely safe to the skin and doesn’t cause skin irritations

– Ability to retain its shine

– Ability to maintain its round shape due to the hardness

However, there’s a common believe that the rings are impossible to remove in emergency situations. But you can safely remove the ring by cracking it with a vice grip locking pliers due to its brittleness nature. In conclusion, the tungsten rings are very suitable for everyday use.Thus, making it the perfect ring for men.

Source by Cheok Weng

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