Why Choose Ladies Cubic Zirconia Rings As Bridal Sets and Mens CZ Rings For Wedding Bands?

It's really simple. Cubic zirconia rings are affordable whereas diamonds are expensive. Couples are choosing CZ rings because they have a tight budget and still want to give each other something that sparkles. Since demand creates a need for better and better products, the faux gemstones that imitate diamonds, sometimes cubic zirconia, not only have improved greatly, but the jewelers who craft the CZ jewelry are starting to realize the need for high quality settings in gold, sterling silver and even titanium. There are now complete CZ bridal sets set in yellow and white gold and titanium that look so much like the diamond designs, it's almost impossible to tell them apart without a trained eye or a jeweler's loop. And it's not just womens cubic zirconia wedding and engagement rings that have become so popular, but also mens CZ rings have taken the market by storm. Let's take a closer look at what's available.


Starting with CZ engagement rings, there are gorgeous designs that start under $ 100 set in sterling silver. In gold, most creations are $ 150 to over $ 200 for bridal sets or single rings that look believable. However, even celebrity replicas are now available in almost every color, including pink and yellow diamond designs that mimic what the rich and famous brides have received in real gemstone masterpieces. How much do these replicas cost? That's what so fun. From $ 30 to just over $ 100 a bride to be can have something that looks like a 3 or 4 carat diamond or ruby ​​or emerald. Emitations and Bling Jewelers are two companies that have really started to offer a good selection of famous copies, and although not all the designs are believable, they do satisfy the need for large sparkle. Places like Apples of Gold and Goldenmine have silver and genuine gold engagement rings and bridal sets with CZ stones that are affordable and look very real.

CZ For Him and Her

There are also great wedding bands and mens CZ rings available in titanium through Titanium Era and The Titanium Workshop that are masterful. Why? Because some of the gemstones, in this case CZs, are crafted in tension settings that are unique, with the stone floating between the titanium, making the brilliance even better due to the way light passes through the stone. And when it comes to mens rings, titanium is the metal of choice. It used to be that only stark and industrial designs were available, but now, even soft sculpted and etched Celtic motifs are available, accented with cubic zirconia or plain. There are matching sets for Him and Her and all at prices that are really astonishing. Rings around $ 150 to $ 300, complete sets under $ 500. Lots of great quality items that NEVER tarnish, are totally hypoallergenic, NEVER scratch, are lighter than steel as twice as strong, gorgeously set with gemstones or CZs and offered for sale online with distribution that's worldwide. What more can you ask in affordable jewelry.

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